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A Love Song to Earth~ Wendy Robertson Fyfe

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Hear My Full Voice, Doug Van Houten

The writings offered in this year’s blogs are a feast of unique songs again. A feast of unique songs highlighting the different ways that each one of us brings and sings Earthsongs. How might you add your voice on Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus on Thursday morn and any other morn.

Geneen Marie Haugen noted in Blowing Open the Dusty Windows of Perception in Animas Valley Institute’s Soulcraft Musings recently:

"The more frequently individual human beings touch a felt-sense of the possible world that Arundhati Roy knows is so near, or that Charles Eisenstein has called The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, the more we seed and participate with the collective psychic field, or what has been called the noosphere 3, or the “mind-sphere” of Earth.”

This also speaks to one of the urgent core callings of Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus; to participate collectively feeling into a felt sense in the collective psychic field of Earth; to listen and sing our co-song into the field. What might we seemingly impossibly co-seed, plant together. Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus is a sacred ceremony offering resecration to Earth, a love song to Earth in sacred reciprocity, celebration, praise, prayer, gratitude, grief and more. May Earth, Sun, Moon, and Cosmos hear (and hear of) our co-song this Thursday.

You are also warmly invited to send in your co-song wildsinging experiences, art, poems, and stories from around Earth. A selection will be offered to ripple further in the human world in future blogs.

In the meantime here is my Love Song singing in Thursday morning’s dawn and more. May you sing your own Love Song for Earth too. You are welcome to borrow this one should it sing you:

A Love Song to Earth

Beloved Earth, especially now, l sing my love song to you. I know you are in trouble and therefore all life is in trouble. All your voices are moving towards extinction with so many gone already into The Great Silence.

Oh, what have l done to you dearest Earth who in deep wildsong opera with sun, moon and cosmos is continuing to give so generously in your way as part of a great and sacred reciprocal enhancement of all living death and life.

How might l listen to your ways of miracle beyond human belief. How many ways can l bless you, offer to you, sing to you wherever and whenever l can.

How many ways can l make amends

for wherever you are, l am.

How may l help you in the ways only you know, ways beyond my grandiose or be-littling and painful self survival that has been necessary in a culture where maturity has been arrested for many lifetimes.

What is your desire to sing in me that flourishing be so.

I listen, discern, for your voice; longing for you to sing me in the ways only you can; like a reed rooted through soil and water, like a great thunder roar and lightening strike, like a wayward lost child finding her way home again;

for the way l am uniquely born to sing in these eons of The Great Forgetting;

may l remember.

How may l open evermore deeply to loving and serving you mighty Earth with your great and expressive deep oceans, blue skies, soil creating worms, hummingbird nectar, ancient wisdom trees, imaginal interspecies and diverse humankind; your colours like the dazzling yellow of the daffodils and black of dark matter; coronavirus, wild mountains, vast continents, pollinating honeybees, sweet and potent scents, green grasses, antlered stags, deep canyons, wide rivers, bubbling pebbles, single cell ones, intricate patterns, and strange wonder dreams, to mention just a mere morsel part-crumb of your Being.

Why are we not all on our knees broken open together singing in joy and wailing in grief?

I am humbled. I need you so deeply, so utterly, that l cannot even breathe without you. Forget interdependence, my love, l am completely dependent on you. I am your flesh and bone walking. I am of the collision of nebula. I am born of the original song bursting into the multiverses from beyond...moving through.

Even when l breathe no more, my body is still yours, entangling further into other lives as other lives are entangling into mine, are me even now.

How may l live my life for those to come;

be willingly Co-dependent, Co-breathing, Co-singing with all of you; knowing my breath and my song, is also your breath, your song.

How might l surrender to your life-giving frequency remembering that this one too is born of your longing.

May l remember grace and courage by touching into your resonating psychic field.

For l am also your longing in being and becoming now.

Sing me, my love; that l may sing you in life’s great Symphony.

It is so.

Wendy Robertson Fyfe

Wendy is Foundher of the yearly Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus. She is also an International nature-based Soul Initiation and Human Development Guide, Mentor and Supervisor, writer, poet and photographer who passionately tunes into the deeper mysteries of the human and more-than-human world listening for our unique voices born and longing to come forth. She is involved in co-creating 'The Centre; Wild and Soulcentric' in West Coast, Scotland. Wendy has published a first book of poetry and images: 'Whispers; Imagining Earth Community, Surrendering to Earth's Wisdom'.

Thank you Doug Van Houten for your beautiful collages. Doug lives in Kentucky and is an International Nature-Based Soul Initiation Guide with Animas Valley Institute. He is passionately heart-felt about bringing people into their unique conscious living in Earth's Dreaming particularly through dream, body and art; through programmes and mentoring.


If when reading this blog, you too would like to be more involved/participate in the sacred ceremony of Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus yearly on1 April, please contact us through

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