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Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus Confluence in Sound Waves Wendy Robertson Fyfe

Following this year's Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus, here are some reflections and an offering on this day of the Super Pink Moonrise in the year known as 2020 in the Western world. For your information, the website received 417 new visitors in addition to people revisiting and over 1,000 pages visited. The song is now Earthwaving to people in 52 countries around Earth over these three Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus years. We were offered a variety of beauty Guest Blogs from Bell Selkie in Wales, Jenni York and Lucy Sacred Earthheart in Australia, and Erica Rhinehart in USA which can be read anytime at Many humans have responded with songs, posts or emails, some are on the Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus 2020 Facebook page. Of course, since Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus is a self-organising invitation humans are joining in with our own songs in gratitude, praise, prayer, and celebration; in participation wherever we are in our own ways knowing we are part of a bigger song without notifying this particular score.

Each year l experience a deepening in holding this particular composition; l hear more deeply what is asking to be sung by/from me at this time. Maybe, like Lucy, you do too. I'd love to hear. This year l have a sense of three particular ways that speak to the way of the Deep Imagination or James Hillman's 'Psyche the size of the Earth':

~ what if Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus continues to spread infectiously around our miracle planet Earth. What might an impact be in our world? What magic may occur in the mysteries between the human and 'other-than-human' world.

~ what if singing is part of creating our healthy immune system, both human and Earth. On a feeling/sensing/resonating way, is this something that we instinctually know is true from the Mystic we all are when we open to a remembering place in each of us? It is something l feel/sense/resonate with, for sure. What if singing today is a way of strengthening our own immune systems and that of Earth's as we move towards singing our own unique and true note in the Multi-verse; both healing and animating Earth life.

~ Deepening in with the third time around Earth and feeling/sensing with growing sound waves, l'm with the possibility now of an even deeper gathering under the song. Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus may be once a year on 1 April, however, Earthsongwave is also a symbol being part of inviting an AncientNew daily way of living; being human participating in and with this miracle blue-green-pearl planet; an invitation for life, healing and RememberingAwakening conversations and songs. Who and what may be remembered and awakened in us all and in the world? I could invite some inklings about this, but would rather leave an open space for wondering "(...) a small opening into the new day/which closes the moment you begin your plans. (...)" (David Whyte, What to Remember When Waking), for not knowing, for being altogether curious. As such, l'm inviting this coming year, at this particular time, a twelve new moon on-line Zoom Council, a confluence for deeper listening voices to enter and hold sacred space for Earthsong to enter further. The first Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus New Moon Council will be on 23 April. The time will depend on who of us around Earth will be arriving. If you are feeling called to participate in such a monthly Ceremony please contact me before 15 April. You are also welcome to arrive throughout the year. If you need information on what Council is, please contact me.

Meantime may we find ourselves before the Super Pink Moon tonight spontaneously singing never-heard-before songs. May we find surprise-sounding poetry spilling from our longing, loving mouth before her luminous, numinous presence.... and "Let your note be clear./Don't try to end it./Be your note. (Rumi)

Be well~

Image: Confluence in Sound Waves, Treigh Bhan, Isle of Iona. Wendy Robertson Fyfe

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