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All the information needed for this global Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus event on Thursday 1 April, 2021 is in the previous pages. Should you need any additional information you can contact Wendy here, and on the facebook page. Wendy will respond as soon as she can. Thank you for your patience.

Wendy Robertson Fyfe is a Renaissance Woman: nature-based underworld guide, psychosynthesis psychotherapist, poet, writer, teacher, photographer, cultural historian, international programme producer. She is wildly passionate about the 'The Great Work' of our time. Wendy is a Senior Apprentice at the Animas Valley institute , Colorado. Her work is influenced by the Maps and Models of her teacher Bill Plotkin and the other Guides. She has  founded 'Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus 2018' as a way of 'feeding Earth', feeding the Holy, of bringing awareness to what might be the song of humanity in the Cosmic Composition at this time of 'The Great Turning'. She is creating an International Centre for Nature-Based Soulcentric Human Development as part of the human contribution of our time.

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After Thursday, 1 April, you may add your experience here.

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