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Welcome to the Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus
7th Year Ceremony, 2024
Monday,1 April

A 'Feed the Earth' Invitational Ceremony
Open to everyone around the world

LLochend Woods, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland, March 2020 just before Lockdown

Filmed by Ali Cleary


This website supports the Earthsongwave Ceremony which started in April 2018 and now in its 7th year!!!.


Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus is an event creating a wave of human song at dawn around the world.


It is a Ceremony for feeding Earth and Earth Community; an offering which is open to all.


It is not a fundraising event.


It is an offering to sing/make music and join in with the dawn’s morning chorus in celebration, praise and gratitude for the Earth and Earth Community wherever we are in the world.


The event in April 2018 reached over 26 countries with over 1,000 visitors to the website and 2,700 visitors to the facebook page. In 2019 visitors to the website reached further to 38 countries! Now over 70 countries have visited this website worldwide.


You will find here notes of various work so far in relation to our planet as part of an animate Multi-versal opera where all beings contribute songs and are animate expressions of Earth; when we don't sing our songs the Earth suffers and so do we. There is now a beautiful selection of writing from people on the blog page which are worth exploring.


Nature-based cultures know the importance of song and have held the Ancestral tunes that compose the world.


This website invites a wondering about what is the song of 'humanity' at this time of unraveling; what songs are needed to be sung again or/and are new. There is further information on 'song' in the song page.


There is a leaflet below to download for information and display. Please pass the information on wide and clear. On the facebook page there is space for conversation and experiences to track along the way.


You will find below: dawn times around the world, songs, invitations, quotes, prose, stories, books, articles and films. There is an Earthsongwave Conversation page where many visionaries are joining in with their own ways of Earthsongs. Worth taking some time to read them.


Please note the selections offered here are inadequately limited due to the miraculous abundance of Earth expressions in every single and unique voice. More can be added here as we move. There is a growing range of resources.


As a self organising offering providing structure and channel, 'official contacts' with amazingly talented people who are offering their time here voluntarily is likely not necessary, but there if needed; they will get back to you when they can.


You can subscribe to register for the event so we can record how many folk are participating and keep you up to date. Registration is not necessary to participate, though we are interested in your experiences and would love to hear from you. Your addresses will not be passed on. If you are registering for a group or more than one person, you just need one person to register and state how many folk you are registering for.


Remember there are now over 20 visionary and beauty blogs by folks along the way. Take some time to read the singing of animate songs; of human and 'more-than-human' kind


Meantime … listen ... sing ... wonder ... dream ... imagine ... ceremony ... be surprised ...


You are warmly invited to become part of a ‘long-time-since-never-before-heard’ event. Wherever you are in the world, step outside before Dawn and feel your way into singing some notes, or playing a flute or drum or making music some other way. Sing something you have not heard yourself sing before. Imagine going to a local park, or garden; wander in the hills, by the sea, canyons, desert, rainforest, plains, and by the rivers, in a city street. Imagine everything is alive and expressing her/him/itself. You might be with yourself or with your family or in a group. Listen to the beings or the silence around you and allow yourself to feel song coming through your body to offer to this hungry Earth. You may not know what notes will come, just allow them. You may feel a response within you through feelings in your body; words might come, you may see ‘something’ happening around you with birds, wind, in trees perhaps. Imagine creating a butterfly effect; you may never fully know the impact of your song…you may make all the difference in the world, infact, trust you are. After, you are invited to thank the ‘more-than-other’ humans you are with and to journal, writing in the present tense. You are also invited to write a poem, or create some art expressing an image that might come, or dance or write a story. You are welcome to post these on the Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus Facebook page or send in via the contact page.

Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus, A Story Introduction video, continuing to evolve.....

currently: Earth, Wind, Water, Reed, Robin, Tit, Wagtail, Sparrow, Alder, Sun, Sky, Ice, Drum, Wendy, Shadow...Newbyth, East Lothian, Scotland, Planet Earth, Cosmos. Notice when wind begins singing with lake and reeds; and when birds sing. The poem is by Rumi (Rilke squeezed in;) 1st Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus, Unveiled, February, 2018

What to do

1. Register through subscriptions so we know how many folk are participating. If you are registering for group or more than one, please just state the number being registered rather than individually. Thank you

2. If it interests you, meander through resources on this website and the facebook page. Not necessary for participation, though may help.

3. Download leaflet if you wish to spread.

4. Practice wandering as if the world is animate and aware of you (it is). Imagine the Earth's longing for you (she is).

5. Tell everyone you know about the Dawn Chorus. Spread the song. Translate into different languages where you can.

6. Go outside somewhere you love before/for the dawn on1 April and offer song, flute, drum to Earth, Sun, Moon, trees, river, mountains, deserts, birds, flowers, animals, bees, reeds, worms.....wherever you are in celebration, praise and gratitude

7. Be aware of your surroundings, listen observe any possible response.

8. Offer gratitude and celebration to Earth, Sun, Moon and Earth Community.

9. Post your experience on facebook, words, poetry, art, music, dance

10. Keep singing celebration, praise, gratitude to feed the Earth.

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Leaflet, sides 1 and 2

The leaflet is in English, maybe there are those amongst us who can offer some translations for additional leaflets. If so, please email. Please pass the information on wide and clear.

Foundher of this event and creator of website: Wendy Robertson Fyfe who lives in Dunbar, Birthplace of John Muir, in East Lothian, Scotland.

Collage donated by Doug Van Houten in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. First video by BalgoneBri, North Berwick, Scotland. 2nd Video by Ali Cleary

(Dec 2021) of One Unity. Photograph of Wendy by Ali Cleary Photography, East Lothian, Scotland. Acknowledgements to many who helped

compose this offering. Gratitude to Bill Plotkin, Geneen Marie Haugen and the Animas Valley Institute, Colorado; clear notes singing folk to their

unique Soul song. Honour to those who did not stop singing and kept the notes clear despite great adversity, to those who were/are silenced,

to those who are re-membering and singing now.

Event created with joy and sorrow, beauty and possibility of humanity's song in the Cosmic Composition. 

Wendy, Cape, face and rock colour.jpg

Please note this is a self organising, no financial exchange ,'Feed the earth' offering; in taking part you accept full responsibility for yourself and your own safety. Wendy Robertson Fyfe does not accept responsibility for anyone who participates in this invitation. It is participation by choice and self responsibility event. Please ensure where children are participating that there is a responsible adult present.

Article published July 2019:Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus; Revelation, Manifestation, Invitation in Unpsychology Magazine, 5 Earth Songs: sweet soul elegies and singing the blues for your free download go to:
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