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Approaching Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus 2019~ Wendy Robertson Fyfe

(…)To remember the other world in this world is to live in your true inheritance. (…) David Whyte

Imagine an Ancient Yew approaching 1,000 yearish old. In fact, here is an image of such a one taken a few weeks ago in East Lothian, Scotland. Imagine, if you will, the songs this Yew will have sung and heard since the Middle (currently) Ages. Just imagine; Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great and even more Greats, Grandmother tree; seeded in soil older than She. She, whose branches touching the ground grows new trees planting a tree circle around her. Imagine, if you will, the community songs of this one and yet many trees. Imagine, if you will, that we humans come from such a lineage though we do not always see the roots or the ends of the branches where the new tree emerges, or maybe see the new trees but have lost track of the main core; the main core where new trunks also rise from within. Indeed, our human lineage is often referred to as a family tree, is it not. What if this very now rare tree, tree of one and many, also sings today to remind us of our true inheritance rising from eons reaching out to us in longing; through longing branches for future life; life with healthy soil and air, with healthy song waves.

This tree has long-term vision, for sure. What of our long-term vision in creating healthy Earth Community for all considering the next 1,000 or so years forth? What are the Ancestral songs from the deep Earth who need to be remembered and sung again, and again ~ especially from those of us 'Westerners' in this Modern Industrial Growth Society. Maybe when you are rising on this Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus morning (or any morning), maybe like a root at the edge of this Ancestral tree or from your human Ancestral tree or/and another bole from their centre, l invite you to remember them in you too, wonder about and with them, sing for and to them; bring them in to the centre once again so that they are honoured as the ones who brought us here and who are longing to send roots into and for the future ones for the human and more-than-human world. What animate notes might you find singing and letting loose through your animate body out into an animate Earth hungry for your songs; like casting a spell or a prayer into the world. Imagine the Earth and Earth Community depending on such songs ... they are ... remember, like the Great Yew Tree that:

(…)You are not a troubled guest on this earth, you are not an accident amidst other accidents you were invited from another and greater night than the one from which you have just emerged. (…)

David Whyte. What to Remember When Waking

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