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Deep Time Singing.....

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

Sometimes it is only when something is released and when l’m listening can l begin to hear more deeply what is being created. Currently l hear that the Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus Invitation, website and facebook page, is a root to offer a channel, space, link and support for something that is already happening around Earth towards imagining and enhancing further singing clearly. I hear it is something of its time pushing through the Earth’s crust anyway as things do in each Earth’s Era. Many people are already singing the songs of the Ancient Ones or re-membering them or singing a different song of our own time, or/and imagining into the songs of the future ones 500 years and more from now. Imagine the songs of the ones who built and created ceremonies around the standing stones imagining us far ahead are we imagining today? Joanna Macy reminds us of 'Deep Time' breathing living rather than the 3 min advertisement short surface time of today's holding breath-in trauma living. For this particular invitation there are also deep time roots (Wild Orchestra Folk, see contacts page) around the world to hold this space more locally in relation with the land and our own expertise/experiences in making the journey, singing our notes and offerings.

What is also clear to me is that the song of this new Earth’s Age, of what Thomas Berry called the Ecozoic Era when we begin to live in a more reciprocal life-enhancing relationship with Earth and Earth Community, is awakening in a diversity of ways that will carry us on a different journey than we have known. It is imperative that it does so, especially for all future ones in this shift of human consciousness that is required of us now, l believe. My experiences in the mid 1990’s, some of which l speak about on the ‘stories’ page (please send your stories in too), led me to leaving the teaching l was doing to wander in lands of the Deep Imagination and lands of Scotland. When we think of Bill Plotkin’s nature-based soulcentric model of human development (see Nature and the Human Soul; Cultivating Wholeness in a Fragmented World), l can see now that l moved into Stage 4 at this point and became the ‘Wanderer in the Cocoon’. It was/is Mystery who discerned my readiness to leave all that l thought l’d known, thought was true and to wander into not knowing, into Mystery….

Wandering led me into a deeper soul-led life and into falling, falling in love with a vibrant animate living world again to the extent of giving everything, myself included, over to it; it took many years later to be led to elders such as Bill Plotkin and guides of the Animas Valley Institute who could guide me more deeply into Mystery and to my own apprenticing to guiding; to hearing the note, seeing the image, hearing the poem that can only be sung by me in the Cosmic Song. It took many years since there are few such elders today in this modern industrial society, yet. It took many years to begin to step into my note. This l know, the Cosmic Composition is less without each of our notes, each of our walking songs, images, poetry. Following not the culture, but, for me, the mystery of the songline of the trees and remaining true to that song has led me across wild, exquisite, dangerous, shocking, delightful, adventurous, heartbreaking, beautiful dreams and lands meeting amazing beings both human and ‘more-than-human’. May you follow/continue to follow your unique songline.

Do contact your local Wild Orchestra Folk and start a conversation. They will also have the bird image/song here you can see them by. We may be organising some tasters in our own self-organising song-like ways..or not. Why not sing and see.... Start a conversation on the facebook page/group too. Send in your own songs. Let us know what you are intending on the dawn of 1st April. See

Wendy Robertson Fyfe (Foundher/Initiator)

collage, Doug Van Houten

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