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Deva-station by Revelation

Updated: Apr 1

Wendy Robertson Fyfe

The 1st Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus in 2018, Whitesands, Dunbar, Scotland/Alba

This 7th Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus Ceremony is happening as l write, as the dawn arrives from the East perhaps as you read. I’m popping in with just a few words this evening in the Northern Hemisphere in a place where the ‘human’ clocks just went forward an hour into British Summer Time. I’m watching a line of light blue clouds on the horizon in a dusking blue sky with a pink band between darkening into a glow.


What has become ever more clear to me over the years since my life-changing experience in 1995 of hearing a tree sing, being invited to sing with the song of the tree, upon doing so the whole forest singing in harmony which was also heard by other people and following Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus over these years is:

*The deva-station (of the Gods and Goddesses) of these times, when open and willing, can lead to revelation of what is ‘under’ like geological layers waiting to push to the surface from the push and pull crush intensity of these times.

*Revelation can lead to the next steps to follow that are needing to be made at this time, ways which cannot come from Earth killing cultures that take resources out of the Earth rather than listen, feed, feed the Earth by way of a different kind of resourcing; that cannot come from a rational planning mind.

*Earth loving devotion, falling in love again with Earth, meeting Earth’s love is one of the way to prepare.

*Innocence in the unimaginable ie l had no idea whatsoever that l would experience a tree singing, be invited in, hear a forest sing in a way that changed my life. The world beyond the ‘human’ world came in unbidden.

*There are Intelligences and Imaginations that are way beyond the ‘human’; that the ‘human’ is inside that intelligence and imagination.

*Self awareness presencing, bringing the fragments of ways of surviving in an Earth killing culture (which also kills humans as part of it) into wholeness towards deepening into soul and mythos in surrender to that Intelligence/Imagination is another approach in opening to revelation. I was invited in ….

*Speaking, writing, dancing, praying, celebrating, art, poetry, dreamwork with deep feeling coming into a full bodied knowing shifts something in a person and the world.

*Creating opportunities to take time to surrender

*What if revelation is the way to creating the next steps for death/birth to come and the direction needed that is not ego-centred or human centred or indeed attached to particular ways. Instead a deep listening with a squint head to what and who else might be with us.

*What if there is a commitment to encouraging revelation as a normal way into these devastating times.

*Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus is a particular invitation arising from revelation. What might arise from the revelation that you, perhaps, are Earth born for in these times.

Meantime, Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus has travelled to 83 countries and 1,000’s of people. Last time l looked over 6,000 folk have visited the Facebook page. A posting on LinkedIn with the article published in Unpsychology Magazine 2019* about this Ceremony was loved by Dan Golding, 9th NASA Chief. That’s a surprise! For me the thing here is 'reach/call' of life through Cosmic resonance and vibration. We never know who is going to show at any time, a Wild God or Goddess even.

The other point here is:

What if there is, as l and other's believe, a particular revelation in each of us that we are born to tend when ripe, with:

Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Goethe

what may happen that, like my experience with the singing tree, is currently beyond the human imagination but, like ‘us’, inside Planetary Imagination.

Sarah West and Kristopher Drummond, our Earthsong conversationalists this year, write of their own experiences, of dance, of singing stone, and impacts, deva-station Goddesses that have taken them too on a very different path in ‘their one wild and precious life.’ (Mary Oliver). The new normal.


You are welcomed to send in any experiences of Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus from wherever you are around Earth. I'll be meeting a woman l've never met before down on East Beach in Dunbar. What a wonder!

This Ceremony is a free ‘feed the Earth’ reciprocity offering. It is self-organised at a place wherever you are. There are resources on the website if you need ideas. One way is to be present, listen deeply, imagine what songs there are even if you can’t hear them; allow notes or/and movement to arise through you, sing in, be surprised. Notice, give gratitude.

As l finish writing here, the dusk turns into dark…

now dark ... awaiting ...

Earthsong blessings ~



*Article 'Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus; Revelation, Manifestation, Invitation Unpsychology Magazine, Earthsongs Edition, 2019

Where Earth's Rock Plates Turned Up, Dunbar

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