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Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus 2024 Launch, 7th Year!!!

original Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus Collage

by Doug Van Houten

Welcome ~

Astonishingly, we are now approaching the 7th year of Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus. The website has now been visited by thousands of people from over 70 countries around the Earth; people from Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, USA, Guatemala, Argentina, Australia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Lebanon, Ireland, and so many more. It occurs to me more and more that Earthsong is an experience and knowing that goes beyond, through particular cultural identities and political systems; that Earthsong is a way of how it is to remember our place in wider kinship with Earth. Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus is a way of unity in diversity in the different notes; is recognised and expressed across species and other-than-human life too. Might raising the resonances of Earthsongs through Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus make further impact, aliveness, in these unravelling times.

Might it be possible to increase the current bandwidth of experience shifting the current mighty dissonance dying into a birthing of .... (?) Mystery knows? What may emerge from such a wave of song around the Earth together? More and more l feel a depth sense of Planetary Imagination that Geneen Marie Haugen articulates and names in her work; the more honed in we/l become to the voices of the Earth, the more intimacy, open, the more aliveness rings and waves out/in/is tune in a Cosmic song.

Reflecting on contributions in previous years and increasing interest/publications, it seems to me that Earthsongs are becoming much more widely accepted as ‘normal’ than even our launch in 2018. I’ve not offered time to an academic study on that point;), I'm more a mystic in these matters that scientists are catching up with; it’s far more a feeling seeing more new books arriving with that title. Maybe this Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus could add to a new book to a growing list as well. l believe, Earthsongs, has become more speakable, or maybe l should say, singable, of which Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus is a contribution to in a bigger song. 

What might be the way you long to listen in and sing/play into the Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus wherever you are around and in Earth, or indeed, sing-in already?

I continue to experience Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus as more of a Ceremony than ‘the event’ it started as seven years ago. For me Ceremony adds a further deeper resonance which increases the impact from the ‘ordinary’, like going through a portal consciously into an imaginal world where anything is possible, where the impossible becomes possible.

Are your heart strings plucking into tune? Are you curious about the heart strings of/with/in the world? Why not linger a while with Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus and join in. Share this newsletter, prepare for a further variety of sumptuous Earthsongwave Conversations coming your way on this approach to 1 April. Remember there are many resources available on the website. You are welcome to send in/share your own. We look forward to hearing from you along the resonating musical staff lines threading their way together.

Meantime there is the link for the website and Facebook Page below where there will be regular posts on the approach to Monday, 1 April. On the Introduction page of the website you can click a link to an article about Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus in Unpsychology Magazine, 2019.


Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus, Monday 1 April at dawn wherever you are around Earth. You are invited to sing into different kinds of webs in the Planetary Imagination, weave with life as if it really matters, it does ...

Please share with one person, then if they share with another….. the wave will grow. See the website link below for resources for this self organised ‘Feed the Earth’ Ceremony. There are also postings on the Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus 2023 Facebook Page. You can read many other beauty blogsongs from many singers, poets, artists and more on the blog page link below.

Whilst Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus is a self organised ceremony, you are also welcome to send in your ideas and experiences. We love to read/see/listen to them.


Wendy is a Renaissance woman-creature, a wild soul guide and mentor, poet, writer, photographer, teacher. With a Cailleach’s Eye she sees, listens and speaks words and questions who are more like portals into further mysteries. She invites and sparks us deeper into the curiosity and wonder of being reshaped and sung rather than neat solutions and answers. She is a life-time agent of cultural evolution, devoted to Earth's Dreaming and human transformation as part of Earth Community. She has also founded Abbey Of Soul, where revelation is the way life guides us.


Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus, Founded 2018

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