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Singing Gravity~ Wendy Robertson Fyfe

Tree Notes in Earth Stave, East Lothian, Scotland

Here we are circling around again towards the third Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus on Wednesday,1 April, 2020. This year it seems like life/death is quickening on this miracle blue–green pearl planet called Earth swirling within the Multiverses, perhaps being held by songs that we do not have the ears to hear, or have forgotten to listen for. Given where we are in this world right now: the social and ecological injustices; growth mass extinctions, fires, flooding, coronavirus, increased refugee movement, melting ice, carbon crisis, growing fascist movement as one response…why on Earth would we want to sing! As Amanda Fiorino noted last year we need to wail! As John Lynch noted, what calls might we offer and what responses might we be surprised to hear.

What if forgetting singing as one way of humans participating in our animate, Intelligent, Earth of wild Imagination, and entering into a communal song of Earth Community, Earth and Cosmos, has contributed to our being in this current crisis/opportunity, or as l believe, current shift of consciousness? Of course the dying of the rational, ‘growth’ industrial, extraction, objectifying, Earth killing culture is best seeing the end of. But then/now what? New ways are emerging such as Sustainability, Transitions Towns, Extinction Rebellion creating steps along the way. And, l wonder, in what ways might we humans become part of the next layer of Earth’s geology that goes beyond human-centric ways…becoming food, fossil, dust, air, offering service as shift of consciousness into what we don’t, and can’t, yet know? What if we also move more into and in participation with Mystery, through metaphor, symbol, dream, imagination, psyche and nature, song, soul.

What if this Earth and Earth Community is held by song; perhaps song of love, song of Eros, a different kind of gravity that holds us all where we can only fall in and down to some mysterious deeper place? What if singing is another way of joining in, entering a bigger orchestra, a tremulous and magnificant opera, with and way beyond more-than-human beings in a vast and deep impossible dreaming. What if we follow our unique voice, our reed of Earth, in the only way each of us can sing the needed note that, like holographic reciprocity, can sing the death of a culture, awaken and enliven life that is longing to be born. What if?

What if we sing this year, sing with Earth Community and Earth, as if it may make all the difference~

This year will see more fabulous guest blogs from Official Wild Orchestra Folk in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Please contact me should you have words and songs to offer a blog or postings from wherever you are on Earth. There have been visitors to the website from nearly 50 lands such as New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Oman, India, Serbia, Scotland, Tunisia, Togo, Nigeria, Paraguay, Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, Canada to mention a few. Earth’s diversity of human voices are welcome. There are leaflets on the Home page to download and print to share information amongst your people. Please make contact if you are interested in translating to different languages.

Once again there will be daily offerings on the Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus 2020 Facebook Page with group space to make your own offerings, contributions, songs and conversations. A growing selection of resources is available on the website There are a number of ‘Official Wild Orchestra Folk’ to contact around the world for information, interview and ideas on the website.

Let’s tune-in with the wild ones, sing on and sing out with our celebrations, praises, prayers, grief, love offerings and more for this one wild, precious and holy Earth~ Let’s sing with the known and unknown bubbling and forming in, under, around and over us. May it be so~

Wild Earthsong blessings~


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